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Method of IP log In , An unique guide to configure your router and set your password:

We have been using router an internet almost by any means every day in our life and have noticed IP address which commonly gets configure in devices of internet users. One the most commonly used IP address is and this article will talk about IP address the complete process of log in configuring and password. This article has included and narrated the process of accessing this IP address and describes why it has been used as the most common IP address in offices and companies. ip login ip login

About IP Address

In case you have been working in companies, you must have noticed this IP address in your company configured by the admin of IT department of your company. Before one initiate the configuration of IP address, one should understand what exactly an IP address is.  IP address means Internet protocol address which is a numerically designed number uniquely identical for any device router which enables any device say computer, mobile or table connect to the internet. Though due to very close in IP addresses some of the time the person gets confused in the configuration that can be ignored in case it maintains and handled carefully. One needs to mind the positions of numbers while entering the IP address.

The requirement of Admin Dashboard

It is very important to maintain the administrative lock on your router hence an admin dashboard is been provided on IP address which carries its own implication once any one tries to configure on any device to the router carrying this IP address. This Admin dashboard maintains and holds the integrity and security of your internet and stop the permission of any changes in your router in case you have not logged in to the admin dashboard.

The security of this admin dashboard to so rightly protected that does not even allows checking the speed performance of the connected device and asks the login credentials for the same. Hence this article narrates the whole process of setting up the router with the login process intact with it.

How to Access Admin | Login to

It is very important to have the basic computer before you want to set up the process of login of IP address admin dashboard. It has been recommended and advice to be ready keep default user name and password handy of the router before setting login for the very prime time. Rest the steps log in has been listed down to log in to admin dashboard and the IP address.

  • Open the browser on your computer. Recommend the latest version
  • In your computer select Access Router panel, this will redirect to IP admin panel
  • This complete process might take around 30 seconds to take you to IP admin dashboard completely and later you will be redirected at user authentication page which will ask for default username and password.
  • We suggest clicking at entering key shown over the screen after entering the default username and password. This releases towards P admin Page
  • Here at admin page you can change the connection of web internet and change the network name. This admin permits connection of new devices and eliminates old connected devices if required.
  • You can also restrict internet transmission speed to other connected device after login to the admin dashboard page.
  • Seeing the above description you could have perhaps understood the admin dashboard function
  • Now you can click at change user name and password icon listed in right above corner of the screen under the admin dashboard browser
  • Click at change username and set the new password
  • Click at the user name and set new user name as required
  • Click at set password and enter the desired password
  • Now confirm the new password, the dashboard will ask for it
  • Set the new password and you are ready to go

Suggested questions:

Since the article says about being ready with the default user name and password. One of the most common questions asked after this is from where one can get default user name and password. Usually, you can find these common details written inside the user manual of your router. So we strongly recommend to keep your user manual safe and secured for future use.

Methods to fix missing out router’s IP Address:

Since we have completely explained from where you can get the default user name and password one another commonly raised problem is forgetting the router’s IP address. There is no need to get worried in case you miss out your IP address and forgets it. In this article, we also will explain how you can get your IP address figured out in case you don’t know it and you have missed it from your memory. There are various ways to find out the IP address of a router unlike traditional method of calling IT person at home and office and lose your pocket by some amount. Some of the ways to overcome through are a problem are:

Reading your user manual:

the provided booklet with a router can become your great friend in case you suffer from this listed issue memory. The user manual has all the information written inside it and we suggest to keep the router manual safe. This clearly keeps your IP address, default User name, and password safe inside it and can be used as and when required. You just need to turn around a few pages of your user manual and find where exactly the subjects like IP address have been mentioned. Read those details carefully and search for default user name and password. Usually, these passwords are quite common like it could be mentioned as a user name as ADMIN and password like ABCD or the company name of router etc. All you need to do is just find these details and follow the instruction of setting up a new account at the router and you are ready to go with new user name and password and if wished can restrict the bandwidth to other connected device to your router.

Login Adomin and User Guide for 192-168-1-100

One can also find at the sticker at the back side of the router and the companies into router providing business provides all critical information on the sticker at end back side of the router. This short small white patch has all necessary information usually printed with black ink provides us critical information like default user name and password with IP address. Usually, you can find these details on any electronic devices and in form of a QR code or bar code behind the device. Your router has all these necessary details mentioned above the sticker and we suggest reading those tiny written IP address, User name, and password written on it. After getting these details again log in to the admin dashboard manually accessed through your computer and fill the advised details in the desired column related to it.

How to Factory reset of 192-168-1-100 :

in case you have already changed the username and password like mentioned above and then you forget the user name and god forbid you have lost your user manual also the best way to overcome through this problem is factory reset. This can be performed by pressing the pinhole button right at back end side of the router. This enables you to start the whole process start from the scratch and enable to set new username and password following the process written above. This can be again performed from the initial process of setting up a router account with a new user name and password. This is a quick process to start your router very fresh.

In case you have the computer with all latest versions and processor with universal plug and play system you can do this using port forwarding without even knowing the password. This will open the router as a port in your system and then redirected to you admin dashboard page to change the system and then you can set the password as wished. If you are a game lover and play games In your system we are sure you can do it much easier than anybody else and set a new router login dashboard easily through your system.

Important things to maintain during this system:

One needs to have few technical things thoroughly maintained and updated while setting up a router log in User name and password. We strongly advice to keep these technical process maintained throughout the entire process of setting up new user name and password. These are:

  • Continuous power supply: please make it sure there no stoppage of power supply during this process an interrupted power supply can make to restart the work from the initial step.
  • Good cable quality: A good cable in internet supply is very important as this can enhance the internet transmission.
  • Router indicator lights in working condition to know the current situation while configuring the IP address this way you can configure the IP address.